Welcome to Tokyo Sakura Kitchen!

Tokyo Sakura Kitchen holds private, home-style cooking classes located in central Tokyo. It is dedicated to teaching home-style Japanese cooking to travellers interested in an interactive, hands-on experience that showcases not only the food but also the culture of Japan. The studio was founded by Michie Yamashita, a professional cooking teacher with over 17 years of experience.

Why choose us?

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  • Set in a warm and homely environment.
  • Classes are held in a private kitchen, offering individualized instruction.
  • We use the highest quality and safest ingredients to cook healthy and nutritious dishes.
  • Classes are held in English and include comprehensive recipes and a class completion certificate to take back with you.
  • We are flexible and can host a lesson for a minimum of two participants or custom make a course for larger groups.

About Michie

Michie hails from the Shonan area, a beautiful seaside town with sights of Mt. Fuji in the backdrop, and which is blessed with a rich agricultural heritage. Growing up with a passion for good food, Michie has traveled extensively throughout Japan in search of delicious ingredients and regional delights.

She has also travelled abroad to bring home knowledge collected from her travels to share with her fellow countrymen, and has been hosting Western-style cooking classes since 1999. Every month, over 40 students enjoy her cooking classes showcasing seasonal dishes paired with many varieties of wine.

In 2016, she started a new class to teach foreign visitors Japanese cuisine. Michie resides in downtown Tokyo with her husband and young son. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting local wineries in Yamanashi and sampling About us.2seasonal vegetables and fruits while staying at the family’s country home in the Mt Fuji area. Michie is also an avid skier and Hokkaido is amongst her favorite destinations.

Greetings from Michie

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Welcome to Tokyo Sakura Kitchen!

I am really excited about offering a Japanese cooking class for foreign visitors here in Tokyo. I have always enjoyed travelling to different countries around the world, and whenever I get the chance, I always participate in a local cooking class.

One could taste good food by going to a local restaurant, but from my own experiences, I know that a private, hands-on lesson from a native teacher can foster a much deeper appreciation and understanding towards the culture of the place, which in turn makes the visit a much more worthwhile experience.

Please do come to my kitchen and experience the delights of Japanese home-style cooking. I promise you an experience at Tokyo Sakura Kitchen will be a rewarding encounter to take home.

Yours sincerely,
About Michie