Access.1Tokyo Sakura Kitchen is conveniently located in Takanawa area in Minato Ward, a central location in the heart of Tokyo. Our closest station is Sengakuji station and we are located just 3 minutes walk from the station. We are also close to Shinagawa station, a major hub in Tokyo.

To Shinagawa station:
   ・12 minutes from Shibuya station
   ・15 minutes from Shinjuku station
   ・10 minutes from Tokyo station

To Sengakuji station from Shinagawa station:
  1 stop (3 minutes) with the Keikyu line or 15 minutes walk

We will discuss the meeting point by email once the reservation confirmation is received. We can meet participants at Shinagawa station or Sengakuji station before the class to escort them to the venue.
In addition, the venue is just a short taxi ride away from the Roppongi area.

Sengakuji is also a place with historical significance, as the Soto Zen Buddhist temple is a famous sightseeing destination. Why not pair a session at Tokyo Sakura Kitchen with a visit to Sengakuji ?

A little about Sengakuji: Story of Forty-seven Ronin

Access.2Sengakuji(泉岳寺) station is named after the famous Sengakuji Temple, a place of historical interest. The Sōtō Zen Buddhist temple houses the graves of Asano Takumi no Kami Naganori and the Forty-seven Ronin (samurai), famously depicted in the stories of Chūshingura(忠臣蔵).The stories tell the heroic mission of the Forty-seven Ronin to avenge the death of their master, Asano Naganori, and is actively portrayed in kabuki, bunraku, stage plays, films, novels, and television shows. Access.3 Their graves at Sengakuji are a popular pilgrimage for visitors. Every year, a festival is held on December 14th, the day of their anniversary, and many people still visit today.